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Aim and Scope

Open Science Journal publishes research from all scientific disciplines, from the most fundamental and theoretical work through applied and multidisciplinary research.

Open Science Journal is published on an open-access, public-good basis—available freely and immediately to the world. Open Science Journal welcomes the following types of manuscripts, all of which are peer reviewed:

  • Research Article, presenting the results of primary scientific research and typically following the format of a traditional research paper;
  • Working Paper, a preliminary scientific or technical paper - research that is still in progress;
  • Short Article, short report about a person, group, or situation that has been studied over time;
  • Review, presenting conceptual advances, syntheses, and integration of a field or topic;
  • Policy Bridge, articles focused on bridging scientific knowledge with policy issues, policy options, or policy analysis;
  • Practice Bridge, articles focused on bridging scientific knowledge with analysis of, challenges with, or opportunities for specific practices;
  • Commentary, explanatory essays, treatises, and opinion papers, typically invited by the Editorial Board;
  • Comment & Reply, items of correspondence relating to Open Science Journal articles and promoting discussion of relevant research, accompanied by author responses; and
  • Book Reviews, critical reviews of books.

  • Open Access

    CC BY

    Open Science Journal applies the Creative Commons (CC BY) license to works we publish. This license was developed to facilitate open access – namely, free immediate access to, and unrestricted reuse of, original works of all types. Under this license, authors agree to make articles legally available for reuse, without permission or fees, for virtually any purpose. Anyone may copy, distribute, or reuse these articles, as long as the author and original source are properly cited.

    Publication charge policy

    Publishing an article in Open Science Journal requires Article Processing Charges (APC) that will be billed to the author(s) following the acceptance of an article for publication. The APC for papers accepted by Open Science Journal is $200. Once an article has been accepted for publication, any Article Processing Charges on the article become due. The author(s) assumes responsibility for the Article Processing Charges, and Open Science Journal will not issue refunds of any kind.

    Updated 06/APR/16

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