Corrections and Retractions

Corrections and Retractions

Open Science Journal publishes corrections, retractions, and expressions of concern as appropriate, and as quickly as possible. We follow the COPE guidelines where applicable.
A notice of correction will be issued by Open Science Journal to document and correct substantial errors that appear in online articles when these errors significantly affect the content or understanding of the work reported (e.g., error in data presentation or analysis) or when the error affects the publication's metadata (e.g., misspelling of an author's name). In these cases, Open Science Journal will publish a correction that will be linked to the original article.
In very rare cases, we may choose to correct the article itself and re-post it online. If that course is taken, a correction notice will also be created to document the changes to the original article.
Authors who wish to alert Open Science Journal to a situation where a correction may be warranted are requested to contact us with the relevant details (journal, full citation of the article, and description of the error) at:
Authors are encouraged to post comments to their articles to note typographical errors, and other problems that do not significantly affect the scientific integrity of the work.
CrossMark - Open Science Journal planing from mid 2016 to participate in the CrossMark service, which is a multi-publisher initiative to provide a standard way for readers to locate the most up-to-date version of an article.

Manuscript Withdrawal Policy

Open Science Journal adheres to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in academic publishing. We expect that the authors will also show highest integrity in their work and adhere to high ethical standards.
Some authors request withdrawal of manuscript from the publication process after submission. In some instances the request for withdrawal is made within a few days after submission, however, many times the request is made very late, when the manuscript is only a few days away from publication in the journal. Withdrawing manuscripts from publication wastes the valuable resources and tremendous amount of effort made in processing the manuscripts by the editors, reviewers and the editorial staff.
To discourage unwarranted withdrawal of manuscripts, Open Science Journal has formulated a manuscript withdrawal policy as given below.
To avoid withdrawal of a manuscript we sincerely request the authors especially the corresponding author, first author and guarantor of submission, to address the following issues before submitting the manuscript for publication:

  • Check multiple times that the facts and data presented in the manuscripts are accurate and error-free.
  • Confirm that the facts and data included in the manuscript are authors' own work; authors are permitted by departmental and/or institutional policy to use the materials and resources as they have been used in the study; and if data and facts from any other person or sources are used, appropriate written permissions have been obtained.
  • Confirm that all authors agree to the presentation and interpretation of the facts and data given in the manuscript. In case of any differences of opinion, address the concerns of all the authors before submitting the manuscript for publication.
  • Decide on the number of authors, order of authors and authorship contributions of a paper before submitting the manuscript. Ideally these should be decided even before beginning to write the manuscript.
  • Before submitting the manuscript for publication, inform all the authors, the name of the journal to which the manuscript is being submitted and give them a copy of the final manuscript.
  • Confirm that all the authors agree on the specific journal to submit the manuscript for publication. If there are any disagreements about selection of the journal, find a solution which is agreeable to all authors before submitting the manuscript for publication.
  • Submit the manuscript to only one journal for publication. Do not simultaneously submit the manuscript to more than one journal.
  • If the manuscript has been submitted to a journal for publication in the past, do not re-submit it to another journal before receiving a confirmation from the first journal that the manuscript has been withdrawn from the publication process.
  • Manuscripts may be withdrawn at any stage of review and publication process by submitting a request to the editorial office. Manuscript withdrawal will be permitted after submission only for the most compelling and unavoidable reasons.
    If the author wants to withdraw a manuscript, the author needs to submit a completed "Article Change Form", signed by all authors of the manuscript stating the reasons for manuscript withdrawal. The form is available from the editorial office of the Open Science Journal.
    The manuscript will not be withdrawn from publication process until a completed, signed form is received by the editorial office and withdrawal charges paid (50% of the article publishing charge). Authors must not assume that their manuscript has been withdrawn until they have received appropriate notification to this effect from the editorial office.
    If the authors do not reply to communication from the editorial office, even after multiple reminders, at any stage of the publication process; Open Science Journal holds all rights to disclose the conduct of the authors and content of the manuscript without further approval from the authors, and cannot be held responsible for the consequences arising from it.

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