A Case Report on Hypocalcemic Seizures Secondary to Maternal and Infant Vitamin D Deficiency

Asma Ferdousi, Enshad Ekram Ullah, Rasheda Samad


Maternal vitamin D insufficiency is not uncommon. Usual causes of maternal deficiency in vitamin D and or calcium are due to cultural modifications in their diets or clothing habits. Infant born to mothers who are on breastfeeding are also at risk of developing vitamin D deficiency, hypocalcemia and seizure. We present a case of an infant with hypocalcemic seizures secondary to vitamin D deficiency.

Hypocalcemic seizure may occur in term or preterm neonates due to maternal vitamin D insufficiency. It is not common to present with hypocalcemic seizures at 4 to 5 months age in an otherwise healthy child with uneventful neonatal period.


convulsion, hypocalcaemia, infant

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23954/osj.v3i1.1291


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